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About US

Lifestyle Grocer

We help the everyday individual get the most out of the supplements and foods they put in their bodies.

We have helped the local community within Victoria of over 10 years take control of their lives and push for the best life possible by offering education, quality products, great customer service, big savings, and honest advice. Our core values, Educate, Trust, and Save, have enabled us to become one of the  industry’s top information and supplement destination for active lifestyle, strength athletes, or anyone who places health and wellness at a high priority within their life.

Lifestyle Grocer was born with one simple goal: to make an every individual feel as if they are taking back control of their life and living it to the fullest. We are not just an online marketplace, rather we are a culture looking to get the most out of life and be better individuals.

Core Values

Educate, Trust, Save

Our educate mentality is how we can better support our friends and customers to be informed and educated on the products that they are taking and the benefits they will receive by doing so.

Our trust relationship is developed so that you are part of our family and informed along the way. We take each individual seriously, work hard to get you the best information, best prices, and to update you throughout the process as to the status of your order. You will receive multiple emails from us with invoices, tracking, updates, coupons, and promotions. The goal is to build long term relationships with our customers and make this the last online supplement website that you need to visit for all of your needs.

Save, we work with many of the top leading supplement manufacturers across Canada to bring you the best prices possible. We utilize our buying power to bring you the biggest discounts possible on top quality supplements and health foods in Canada.

What We Do

Live, Learn, Educate


  • Provide a wide range of blog articles, news posts, videos, Q&A, one-on-one customer support and more.
  • Create a unique and memorable experience for customers looking to get access to the best supplements in Canada on an innovative website.
  • Give direct access to the best prices in Canada.
  • Deliver best-in-class customer services.
  • Use a robust enterprise e-commerce platform to make shopping seamless and secure.
  • Catalog thousands of product SKUs, ranging from health & wellness, strength sports, bodybuilding, and active lifestyle supplements and foods.  
  • Contribute to the following organizations who do so much to improve the quality of life in our communities: Victoria Harbour Cats, Canadian Physique Alliance

Our Customers

Lifestyle Grocer is committed to service excellence by providing simple, accurate, and memorable online shopping experiences coupled with timely deliveries. If you have any questions throughout the process, our knowledgeable and professional staff will gladly help you through the process by offering full support.

Our state-of-the-art warehouse facility resides in Victoria British Columbia.

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