Minimal Gym under $150

Minimal Gym under $150

Not everyone has the luxury to go out to gym and workout; it takes time and money and not all have that affordability. What should one do when they haven’t got the space to start a gym at home? To get all that heavy machinery, you need both space and investment. To get around this dilemma, there is a very simple way, minimal home gym. A minimal gym is a compact space for a workout without heavy equipment and a lot of investment. Since it’s a compact gym, you will not need much space as well. Here’s the list of equipment that you will need for your minimal gym.

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat helps your brain in locating your gym space; it’s how you mark your gym territory. Place your yoga mat in front of a window you can open or in your balcony if you have one. If not a clean, clear space would do. You can warm out and do squats, planks and other such exercises on your yoga mat. Allotting space for your workout helps with the workout itself as well. It also helps the body to get in the routine too. You can easily buy a yoga mat for $30; another great point of yoga mat is that it keeps you from slipping. So it’s kind of an impost part of your workout.

Resistance Bands

You can get resistance bands for as low as $5, and they are the absolute best if you are looking for a power workout in minimal space. They target your entire body as well as the special areas you want to cater to. There are also a variety of kinds when it comes to resistance bands, and you can even get pack to try out different levels of difficulty. These bands are especially great for lower body exercises.

Jump Rope

A jump rope can be bought under $10, and it’s the best cardio equipment ever. It helps you shed pound faster than even running and jogging. It also helps you build stamina and makes your breathing strong. You can engage your arms, shoulders, legs, and core whole jumping rope. Its great fitness equipment due to its portability, you can take it without even when you are traveling. 15 minutes daily with a jump rope is better than any workout.


A pair of small and light dumbbells can be bought from $8 to $50 dollar depending on the weight of the dumbbell. If you are looking to lift and make some muscle at home, these are perfect for a minimal space gym. With the help of weight, you can build your tolerance level as well as your strength during usual exercise. Adding weight between your knees while doing donkey kicks is a great example of building strength and endurance.

I can’t go to the gym, shouldn’t be your excuse anymore. You can easily make your minimal gym under $150 in your home without cramping your style. Once you get in the routine of working out, you will find better stuff to add to your minimal but fully functional home gym.

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